‘Ainahau O Kaleponi Hawaiian Civic Club (AOKHCC) is a volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Founded in 1982, AOKHCC, one of over 60 Hawaiian Civic Clubs in the United States, serves the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities of Orange County and the surrounding areas. The primary objective for its members is to preserve, perpetuate and practice cultural traditions of the indigenous people of Hawai’i with the intent of retaining ancestral ties to Hawai’i.

AOKHCC takes an active interest in education, civic and social welfare of the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) community as well as the greater surrounding communities, supporting educational and cultural programs. We are diligent in supporting young people in pursuit of higher education and since inception, have granted over $300,000 in educational and cultural scholarships. We develop and promote programs that increase community awareness and appreciation for the Native Hawaiian cultural practices, traditional values and Na Mea Hawai’i (all things Hawaiian – song, dance, language and crafts).

The well being of NHPIs is important to AOKHCC and we thrive to maintain a healthy lifestyle for all of our members and their ‘ohana by hosting and participating in numerous health workshops and exercise programs.

The glue that binds us together is the commonality we share with regard to our traditional core values such as:

  • ALOHA: caring, compassion, sympathy, love/affection;
  • KOKUA: help, assist, comfort, support; and
  • KULEANA: privilege, responsibility, title, job

Our core values drive us as well as guide our actions and approach to the various projects, programs, and activities we create, develop and support.



MISSION: `Ainahau O Kaleponi Hawaiian Civic Club’s primary objective is to perpetuate and practice the traditions, beliefs, language and arts of the indigenous people of Hawai`i and actively participate in civic engagement.